Three City shopping Excursion

Three City shopping Excursion

Lisa Storer, the MD of Maks and Blaze, visited the States and had the immense pleasure of shopping till she dropped in three diverse cities.

Here's her story...

Cali Flea Markets

LA was the start of my shopping excursion and not what I expected. Extremely relaxed, this coastal town is all about personal style, finding what suits you and your lifestyle. The weather is balmy all year round resulting in an outdoor shopping scene, from the open air Cali flea markets to the stylish street boutiques on Melrose Avenue. LA is a must if you are looking for pieces that are unique to fill your closet. 

Street Boutiques LA

Designer brands along the strip in Vegas

Las Vegas is not your conventional destination when setting out on a shopping spree... I found myself in this city for a trade-show and decided to explore its shopping offerings. Vegas is all about the show and the money, so it goes without saying that brands – whether high end designer or street brands – are on offer. There is no limit to the high end designer stores that are represented in Vegas. In a city where money is no object, the designer merchandise is the latest on offer from each design house.  Not to be out done, the top end fashion brands are well represented in an impressive Fashion Street Mall, Topshop being one of the best I have seen in the world. So if you find yourself with a bit of extra cash to spend, Vegas is your one stop option for that designer piece you have had your eye on. 

Fashion show Mall Las Vegas

Barney's New York

New York, New York... WOW! What can I say? 
I went there with high expectations and all those expectations were met and surpassed. Both the city and its people exude style, based on this, the shopping is on a level that cannot be matched by any city I have visited to date. The usual suspects as far as designer brands pepper the New York streets. But to my delight designers and brands that I had not had the privilege of buying before all seemed to be housed in the Grand Dames of department stores. Merchandise is fresh and exciting - the kind you would see in Vogue magazine. I highly recommend a trip to New York if style, impeccable quality and creative design is what you are after!

Speciality Retail Department store New York


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