Ladies Fashion Fix - February

Ladies Fashion Fix - February

Pre-Autumn is on the menu for our February Ladies Fashion Fix - get inspired with animal camouflage, fractured geometrics, 1970's-inspired looks and minimal detailing!

The differentiation between animal print & camouflage blurs, as prints are scaled & recoloured to update traditional print trends. Saturated colours & oversized proportions add a contemporary update, seen from womenswear prints to accessories

Utilitarian references are a focal point, with structured masculine belt silhouettes emphasising the waist. Classic black & brown leathers and functional hardware pairings are seen as a key belt silhouette update

Focus draws away from collar & choker necklaces, with a dramatic shift towards long-length pendants. With a folkloric feel, this trend centres around mixed materials, embellishments, metal charms and fringing

The metal eyelet makes a bold statement as both a design detail & as a functional element in accessories & womenswear. Accentuated by oversized proportions & multiple repeats, the humble eyelet adds a thrifty yet sophisticated look

Spliced & fractured geometric shapes create a striking graphic look, ranging from pieced-together compositions, off-centre placements & colour blocked shapes - seen as a key trend for womenswear

Shoppers are a key bag update, with a tailored, Sartorial feel. The humble shopper has a smart, formal look, paired with premium leathers, double handles and structured silhouettes in clean smooth materials & refined colour choices

Earrings continue to be a focal jewellery piece, with an emphasis on modern drop earrings. Steering away from traditional statement earrings, the key look is minimal, with polished metals & geometric shapes

1970’s-inspired looks that emerged for Summer continue into the new season, evident in womenswear and accessories, ranging from structured shoulder bags, feature buckles and cinched waistbelts

Antiquated green gold is the new metal of the season, seen in paler tones & clean silhouettes, this “old gold” look takes over from bold yellow gold. Matte & textured finishes are key, giving jewellery pieces a distressed look

A core staple, the fedora is a key headwear accessory. Exaggerated proportions evolve this classic style, as both the crown & the brim of the fedora are extended & become more pronounced

Minimal detailing is combined with basic construction and clean materials. Classic finishes like gold & silver are key, and there is a notable absence of print, colour & excessive hardware

Transient, pastel semi-precious stones in clean minimal silhouettes offer a new, feminine look for jewellery. Previously popular turquoise, coral & lapis lazuli give way to rose quartz, jade & moonstone tones

Wide brow cats eye sunnies with square frames are a retro cool take on eyewear. Seen in chunky plastics with mixed colour combinations, or as a sleeker more minimalist approach, with frameless silhouettes & tinted lenses


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