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Proenza Schouler designer Lazaro Hernandez, calls Instagram the “perfect platform for innovative storytelling" and have used Instagram to communicate with more than 342,000 followers, posting images that represent the world of the brand. Proenza Schouler designers Hernandez and McCollough, are not the only designers that consider Instagram as an integral part of reaching audiences. 

Highly visual Instagram has emerged as fashion’s social media platform of choice, brands have become savvier about how they leverage the app to impress and engage followers. During ‘fashion month’, last season from February 2015 to March 2015, fashion week-related images attracted over 140 million likes and comments, according to Instagram. 

"What's remarkable about Instagram is that it's a progressive platform able to capture these real moments, pushing the limits, allowing unique experiences to be shared across a broader channel, even outside of fashion. It's aligned with our ethos and spirit in its creative and inclusive approach", says design house Opening Ceremony. For their Autumn/Winter 2014 show, they poured 4,000 pounds of melted chocolate down a wall as the backdrop to its show. 

Opening Ceremony Instagram
While tracking return on investment is tricky, an organic increase in followers and engagement on posts are reason enough for many brands to keep committing time and resources to enhancing their Instagram feeds. “The value of visual storytelling is high,” says Rachel Tipograph, a social-media advisor and founder of shoppable video app MikMak. “Initially, it’s about brand building as opposed to conversion.”

Louise Vuitton Instagram
As Instagram expands its partner offerings — including a shop button that allows viewers to click straight through to an advertiser’s e-commerce site, as well as Facebook-powered targeting — it’s important that the content around those ads looks great. While megabrands like Burberry and Michael Kors already buy Instagram ads, most runway designers have yet to make the leap. 

Instagram is eager for designers to develop one-of-a-kind concepts around fashion shows, encouraging top-tier brands to host InstaShoots — event-specific photo shoots that are published only on Instagram — each season.

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