Get Ready for 2016 - Key pieces for the Year

With our resolutions written down, our gym memberships renewed and our spirits high; we look to see what the IT items in clothing and accessories will be for 2016. 

1. The Slip Dress
With 90s Nostalgia ranking high on the style inspiration list, the slip dress becomes a key piece again. Whether you dress it up or down, style it for a Grunge or Pastel Princess effect, get this one for 2016.

Pair it With...

The  Feminine Choker
Inspired by the New Romanticism theme, chokers can be floral, jewelled, laser cut or embellished. 

2. The Prairie Dress
So romantically peasant. The Prairie Shirt can be worn instead of the full Anglaise Dress.

Pair It With...

The Squared Sunglasses
Nothing like Statement Sunglasses to give that peasant look some pizzaz. 

3. Stiff Denim
Strech Denim is Out, Stiff Raw Denim is In. Shaped Hemlines give it that extra sense of style. 

Pair It With...

The Open Shopper
The structured Shopper comes in a wide variety of textures. Perfect for a stylish casual weekend look.

4. The Polo Shirt
The Preppy staple gets updated for 2016. Variations on Collars and Colours breathes new life into The Polo Shirt.

Pair It With...

The Boxy-Chain Strap Bag
This Statement Bag gives an understated glamour edge to the Preppy Look.

5. The Trophy Cardigan
Bring out your inner royalty with the Trophy Cardigan. Nothing like a sparkly cardigan to keep you warm.

Pair It With...

The Pretty Barrette
Finish off the look with this metal, floral or vintage inspired hair Accessory. 

All Info from and WGSN


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