Paris Fashion week - Runway trends

Paris Fashion week - Runway trends

The fashion week saturated months ended with the grandest and most theatrical show held in Paris. The themes varied with references from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s with futurism and bohemian traits. Beautiful and precise cuts evoked bespoke constructions providing a contemporary edge. 

Autumn leaves

this versatile colour direction brings a refined and luxurious twist


The combination of black with rich, luxurious materials transforms the all-black look into an elegant statement

 Dark Florals

Ditsy and scaled florals are placed on dark grounds, accentuating the romantic mood of the season

 Deconstructed Chevron

Chevrons no longer align as designers experiment with splicing and warping techniques to construct haphazard, offset repeats

 Displaced Stripes

Irregular and overlaid stripes offer a youthful vibe as well as creating an abstract, stretched effect

 Couture Embellishment

Intricate beading, sequins, and pearl studs charm with a luxury touch, honouring the comeback of couture

 Metal Hardware

Hardware in the form of grommets, belt closures and metal whiplashing is paired with sumptuous fabrics to add surface interest


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