Women in Sustainability

We at Maks & Blaze are all about sustainability. 

We strive to maintain and develop our existing manufacturing footprint in a sustainable manner that compliments our significant capacity to deliver. This is what sets us apart from everyone else. 

Business sustainability requires firms to adhere to the principles of sustainable development. According to the World Council for Economic Development (WCED), sustainable development is development that “meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” So, for industrial development to be sustainable, it must address important issues at the macro level, such as: economic efficiency (innovation, prosperity, productivity), social equity (poverty, community, health and wellness, human rights) and environmental accountability (climate change, land use, biodiversity).

Here is a list of 20 women in sustainability on Twitter that you should be following, they share interesting commentary and useful links on a range of sustainability issues.

Christiana Figueres

Executive secretary of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). Figueres is passionate about fighting climate change and it shines through in her tweets.

Anna Lappe
A Twitter feed for foodies. Lappe is an author and sustainable food advocate known for her expertise on food systems.

Susan McPherson
A corporate responsibility expert, McPherson is the host of bi-weekly #CSRChat, a hashtag worth checking out.

Lucy Siegle
Journalist and author on environmental and ethical living issues, whooffers advice to readers on green dilemmas.

Hannah Jones
Vice-president of Nike's sustainability and business innovation.

Julie Urlaub
A frequent tweeter sharing various articles on sustainability issues, Urlaub is a sustainability and social media consultant.

Connie Hedegaard
EU Commissioner for Climate Action, tweeting on issues around climate change, as you'd expect.

Christine Bader
A visiting scholar and lecturer at Columbia University, Bader has just written a book reflecting on her time with BP.

Cynthia Hellen
Founder and CEO of SMPLCT Lab, Hellen shares links to interesting reads, tweeting about a range of sustainability issues with a focus on technology.

Suzanne Fallender
Fallender is director of Intel's Global Girls and Women Initiative. She tweets mainly around empowering girls and women through education and technology.

Kara Hurst
CEO of The Sustainability Consortium, Hurst often tweets from sustainability events and shares information on CSR job vacancies.

Susan Hunt Stevens
Founder of Practically Green, Stevens lists one of her passions as sustainable design.

April Rinne
Chief strategy officer at Collaborative Lab, Rinne's upbeat Twitter feed focuses on news around collaborative consumption and the sharing economy.

Alice Korngold
A frequent tweeter, Korngold provides strategy consulting to Fortune 100 corporations and others on CSR issues.

Janelle Heslop 
Described in her Twitter bio as an enviro-sustainability-innovation-mgmt consultant and engineer, Heslop tweets all things sustainability and shares links to interesting reads.

Kate Heiny 
Heiny leads the enterprise-wide sustainability strategy for Target.

Kate Sheppard
A reporter and environment editor for the Huffington Post, Sheppard sprinkles her sense of humour among links to informative sustainability reads.

Women's Environment and Development Organization
Follow for tweets around advancing women's rights, gender equality and sustainable development.

Women's Major Group
The Women's Major Group is an open-ended group of organisations working on women's rights, sustainable development and environment themes. This feed is made up of live tweeting from events and links to relevant reports and articles.

Bianca Jagger
Founder and chair of the Bianca Jagger Human Rights Foundation, Jagger tweets mostly around human rights.


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