Our Weekly Trend Watch: Paradise City

This week on our Facebook page, we have been talking about the trend of the week, #ParadiseCity. 

What is Paradise City? Well, it is all about those edgy and bright colors. You want vibrant, bold and playful. Spring is around the corner and we all love expressing the love of blooming flowers in what we do and wear, so why not start stocking your wardrobe with exactly those clothes?

Now, we can seriously get carried away with mismatching colors, or having too many bright colors that you look like you've just walked out of a rave where neon paint was the hype around the party.

You have probably been watching Britain's Got Talent, and saw one of the contestants competing by the name of Brian Chan. If you're not aware of him or you have no interest in the game show, Brian Chan is an upcoming Fashion Designer/Artist. Now we mentioned bright, vibrant and playful colors gone right, well have a look at Brian Chan's designs and let us know what you think? Too playful or just right?

Brian Chan likes to call it, "The Fusion of Fine Art and Fashion."

You can click right here and see what he is all about.


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