Top Instagram accounts for HAT Imagery

Top Instagram accounts for HAT Imagery

After 145 years in business, the oldest hat-maker in America, Bailey Hats balances contemporary design with vintage styling although still paying homage to the classics.
Bailey Hats

Inspirations include vintage accessories, jewellery and menswear design to create a well-balanced brand. 
Janessa Leone

Producing designer hats for prestigious brands such as Dior, Givenchy and YSL thanks to its expert craftsmanship and mastery of materials. 
Maison Michel

Founded based on the grounds of two people that truly had an admiration for historical craftsmanship. 
Art Comes First

Creating a distinctive brand of head-wear that stands out from its contemporaries and individualized designs reflect characterful personalities. 
Kristina Dragomir

Each piece is made by hand using luxury materials such as feathers and quills.
Vivien Sheriff

Expertly styled, classic hat silhouettes with high-fashion images to match, some with a 1970's influence just right for this season.
Nath Nogueira

Eclectic grouping of fashion-forward pieces which combines a youthful feel with a sophisticated look.
Gigi Burris

Taking the beauty of each location traveled, inspiring finished products as well as beautiful art and fabric. 
Martina Bohn

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