Groundbreaking Fashion Trends of 2015

The traditionally exclusive industry showed a new level of acceptance as well as a genuine and relatable side. Popular trends in campaigns and runway shows reflected the social and cultural themes of the times. Here are a few of the Top Trends for 2015.

1. Ageless

Internet personality Baddie Winkle burst onto the scene this year, gaining 1.7 million Instagram followers. At 87 years old the style star proved you're never too old to be an influencer and prompted society to rethink age-appropriate fashion.

2. Gender Bender

In June traditional luxury brand Burberry Prorsum sent male models down the catwalk dressed in feminine lace shirts. Gender fluidity was a recurring theme at both the London Collection Men's shows and New York Fashion Week in September. Other Gender Bending fashion labels that made headlines during 2015 was - Ellen DeGeneres's clothing line, EDAcne Studios — the retailer that launched the short-sleeved suit for men, and Gucci showing off feminine male designs this summer at Milan Fashion Week.

3. Next Level Wearables

This year technology innovation leapt from accessories to entire outfits. Partnering with the Google Made with Code initiative, designer Zac Posen lit up his Spring '16 runway with an LED gown. September's fashion show circuit also hosted Chromat and Intel's 3D-printed smart garments and Anrealage's secret details, which could only be revealed by smartphone flashlight.

4. Beauty in Every Size

The full-figure community made major strides this year. From Lane Bryant's #PlusIsEqual campaign to Project Runway's first plus-sized winner, many hope this progression will lead to the continual acceptance of all body types within the fashion industry.

5. Denim Direction

Tired of letting other pants have all the fun, denim pushed boundaries and broke design rules in 2015. No longer subject to a skinny jean regime, shoppers can now choose from over 25 unique styles and look fashionable in each and every one.

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