Magá Moura – The IT Girl

Brazilian blogger, Magá Moura is using her trademark rainbow-hued look and fierce personality to encourage others to be bold and true to themselves via her super-popular blog and Instagram account, which boasts over 73k followers.

As a result, her vibrantly-coloured hair and ensembles have featured on a multitude of social media and press outlets including Elle and Vogue, furthering her growing status as an influential It Girl.

Magá is all about vibrancy and individuality when it comes to her look. “My style is an expression of my personality and nothing more. Over the years, I discovered who I really am and what makes me - me, which is reflected in the way that I dress." Saturation levels are at an all-time high, as Moura mixes a rainbow's-worth of colour and print together in one ensemble to magnify her distinctive aesthetic. 


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