Digital Dudes

Digital Dudes

Cultivating an online following across blogs, Tumblr and Instagram, here are the top 10 most influential 'digital dudes' from Tokyo. From teenage shop staff to seasoned rappers, they’re style leaders who influence their large network of followers with every photo shared.

A fresh face on the Tokyo
modelling scene - Kulo @bump_

Starting off as an underground artist @Dettok shot to internet fame after a shoot with Tokyo's iconic Candy store

Modelling for Mikio Sakabe, Balmung and Aseedonacloud - @kyoheihattori

@screamer29 is a Bunka fashion college student and shop worker at legendary boutique Faline

Known for refined features - in print and on the catwalk - @shohei_yamashita0000

@shunsukeokabe works internationally as a fashion editor, stylist and translator for magazines

Known for his DJ sets across the city, @supercupmatcha is one of many street - fashion leaders to have worked at Cult Shibuya store Candy

@taiga_www is a staple on the fashion scene and works at Christian Dada's flagship store

Independently working as a stylist, photographer, model, @joe_tokyodandy is a leader in reporting underground Japanese fashion

Being central to the rise of Japanese Hip Hop culture with his group M-Flo, manager of Mademoiselle Yulia and co-creator of directional jewellery label Ambush designs - @verbal_ambush


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