The Asian Adventure – Spring / Summer Development trip

The Asian Adventure – Spring / Summer Development trip

Asia can be kind of crazy sometimes but it will change your life. After a 16 hour flight we arrived in a 7 degree Seoul, South Korea. We drove through the vibrant streets and checked into the Ramada Seoul Hotel, which radiates the pure essence of Korea. We set off on our first adventure in the markets of Meyong Dong, where we explored new trends and key jewellery silhouettes. The smell of fresh food filled the air, while the fully packed stalls exhibited amazing products ranging from colorful scarves to unusual bangles. Not all the foods on sale are recommendable in these markets, as some Korean delicacies appear somewhat suspicious to our South African taste buds…

After a hectic yet inspiring 2 days in Seoul, we left on the most terrifying taxi drive to the airport. A trip that should have taken 45 minutes took a mere 15 minutes at an alarming speed. We were relieved to have survived the near-death experience, and we popped onto our next flight to Guangzhou, China. We met up with our Chinese colleges and then ventured out to the jewellery, hardware, fabric and belts markets. Our successful day was ended with a beautiful sunset. We were then, however, alarmed to find that taxis do not operate between 7 and 8pm. This resulted in a restless wait along the road, amongst the crazy cars, pedestrians and scooters, with our handbags in tight grip. Thankful and relieved, we arrived at our hotel in one piece, and were bid goodnight by the incredible views from our hotel.

Before you head out on a product development day at the factories, there are a few things to remember - firstly, take as many snacks as you can; Biltong if you love your meat, nuts to keep you going, and loads of chocolate. Secondly, lots of wet wipes. Lastly, enjoy every second of it because this is where beautiful products are born!

After a week of late hours, dedication to finding fabrics, designing hardware and selecting silhouettes, we had a successful development trip to ensure we have the latest products for our customers.  It was time to say goodbye to our Chinese colleagues, and our last day was rewarded with a much-needed Thai massage.

An early rise and on our way to Hong Kong. In 20 hours we did store visits, sightseeing at the peak and most definitely SHOPPING. It was an incredible trip with lots of laughter, sweat and memories that we will never forget. So like I said, Asia will change your life…it is something everyone should experience.


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