Lindex opens in Westfield's London

Lindex opens in Westfield's London

Swedish young Fashion retailer Lindex has opened it's first UK retail store in Westfield's Stratford City. With a clean and considered design that channels its Scandinavian roots.

Moving away from Lindex's signature bright red colour palette used in its other European stores, the London flagship has a more premium feel, featuring natural timber display units with handpainted white wood surfaces, polished plaster flooring, oak railings, and copper and stainless steel accents.
The bold red branding is seen in subtle accents, such as the wires that hang
down from the lights above the cash desk, and painted onto the end of the oak railings.

Womenswear is housed on the ground floor, with seasonal looks and key product stories presented in the front and centre of the space and clipboards and signage placed on rails and units to highlight key items. Around the store,
framed wall units call out different trend stories. Given Lindex’s origins as a lingerie retailer, intimates are a key focus, with a third of the selling space given over to the category.

This is also the first store to offer the new own-brand beauty collection. The fitting room area has been incorporated into the main part of the store, with low-hanging pendant lighting and relaxed seating creating a lounge-like feel.

A second store will open at Westfield London this autumn.

Article credit WGSN


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