Maks and Blaze Contributes 67 Minutes To Mandela Day

On 22 July 2014, in remembrance of Tata Madiba, Maks and Blaze spent 67 minutes at the Riversands Primary school in Diepsloot.

An initiative introduced to us by Angela Wilson called The Link Literacy Project.
‘’The Link is a Non Profit Organisation which supports the development of literacy and numeracy in children for whom English is a second language, and who attend low income schools in Johannesburg. The organisation was founded in 2010 by Margi Bashall, a teacher, who was inspired by The Shine Centre. It is managed and staffed by volunteers; members of the community who are committed to making a difference in Education”

We arrived in 5 cars on this cold winters morning, along with books and tennis balls to give to the children. With much excitement, we made our way to the humble school grounds, where we were introduced to the other 28 volunteers. We took our books, tennis balls and a chair to a sunny spot where the children were brought out in groups of 5. Huddled in anticipation, the children were taken to a world of princesses, piglets, naughty monkeys and gingerbread men (to name a few of the fairy-tale book favourites)

After reading, the children wrote their names beautifully in their books which they got to take home with them along with the tennis balls. The school was buzzing with elation while the children threw their tennis balls to the volunteers and each other. The children showed so much gratitude and love for us which blew us all away. We were sad to leave the bright smiles and happy eyes, but we will be back again soon to continue reading to the children of Riversands Primary where volunteers meet each week.

If you would like to get involved, please contact us here.


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